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Afghanistan to Aotearoa-Diary entry 1-By Amiel

Afghanistan To Aotearoa

Jungle leaves shook furiously then a calm whiff flew in. It was a calm night until I heard the words, “Abba Abba wake up, we gotta go!” At first I didn’t even understand why she would say these kinds of words in the middle of the night, but again in a louder voice “Abba Abba wake up” and that’s when I wiped my eyes and noticed my family packing their belongings. I ask my mother, “what are we doing?” She just shouted to me “pack your belongings, we don’t have much time!” She hurriedly passed me a backpack, and I quickly started to pack my precious belongings. I hear a crackling sound outside with a tut tut sound. I looked outside and saw an old rusted bus with dirty windows. I asked myself,  “am I gonna go on that bus?” One big bump could have caused the whole bus to be split in half. My family and I were ready. It is very dark in the thick jungle, but the light of the bus helps illuminate the area. As I walk closer, each step I take, I can smell the engine smoke getting stronger and stronger, it’s giving me a headache. Waiting for a few minutes in a line we finally climbed aboard the bus seeing ripped leather seats with brown stains. It’s a disgusting image to see but I had no choice. I sat down and tried to get comfortable. A few minutes passed by, the door of the bus closed and we said our final goodbyes to our home.