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High Diving Giraffe-By Amiel

High Diving Giraffe

Clip clop, Clip clop my hooves touch the infinite stretch of white shiny tile as excitement rushes to my tail, it starts to swing like a roller coaster going on a loop. I notice that Melman stops to look at a strange object. Melman was the weirdest in this group he would always do something, ‘odd’, Yeah I think that’s the right term. Everybody started to form a single file line like soldiers marching into a long strange spiral staircase. It felt like an endless dream, but I shall wait till the unknown.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, Halt. The line made a full stop, we all stood there and watched Melman sprint into full speed then I hear a big splash, luckily I’m in the back so I can watch his actions. I take a slight peek to see where Melman has jumped. He has jumped into a massive pool. I was super nervous. The other person has already jumped, I’m next in line! I knew I had to jump or else people would call me a coward and plus I have to overcome this obstacle. I see my friend David ready to assist me with my jump. I sprint at lightning speed, our chins connect and WHOOSH! I flip through the air smoothly and hit the crystal clear water.

Once I hit the water my adrenaline sky rockets as the cold water rushes to my body, I try to open my eyes to see where I’m going but all I see is bubbles. With some luck I swim back to land and shake my body to try dry off. As I finish drying off everybody stood in line and walk to the edge of the pool. We stand in line bending over and drink the water. It tastes horrible, who even had the idea to drink this water. We all dash to the exit and leave.

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