High Diving Giraffe-By Amiel

High Diving Giraffe

Clip clop, Clip clop my hooves touch the infinite stretch of white shiny tile as excitement rushes to my tail, it starts to swing like a roller coaster going on a loop. I notice that Melman stops to look at a strange object. Melman was the weirdest in this group he would always do something, ‘odd’, Yeah I think that’s the right term. Everybody started to form a single file line like soldiers marching into a long strange spiral staircase. It felt like an endless dream, but I shall wait till the unknown.

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, Halt. The line made a full stop, we all stood there and watched Melman sprint into full speed then I hear a big splash, luckily I’m in the back so I can watch his actions. I take a slight peek to see where Melman has jumped. He has jumped into a massive pool. I was super nervous. The other person has already jumped, I’m next in line! I knew I had to jump or else people would call me a coward and plus I have to overcome this obstacle. I see my friend David ready to assist me with my jump. I sprint at lightning speed, our chins connect and WHOOSH! I flip through the air smoothly and hit the crystal clear water.

Once I hit the water my adrenaline sky rockets as the cold water rushes to my body, I try to open my eyes to see where I’m going but all I see is bubbles. With some luck I swim back to land and shake my body to try dry off. As I finish drying off everybody stood in line and walk to the edge of the pool. We stand in line bending over and drink the water. It tastes horrible, who even had the idea to drink this water. We all dash to the exit and leave.

Peter Journey

Peter’s Journey

For today’s blog, our class did a freeze frame of Peter’s journey in the book  “The Treasure Box.” We described our feelings as if we were in the same situation as Peter, then we used those words in one big vocab list so we could write a piece in 15 minutes. Here is my writing.

“As I walk through the dense forest, I feel my legs screaming for help, every time I step. I can’t do anything about it. If I stop I’ll be pulling down my whole group and pushing them into danger.”

Stalag Luft III Map-By Amiel

Stalag Luft III

In today’s work I made a map of  “Stalag Luft III” in Google Drawing of Johnny Pohe’s escape plan. The red lines are tunnels used to escape through to the Forrest and they were named Dick, Tom and Harry.

Stalag Luft III is well know for the “Great Escape” which took 600 people to dig and escape and this also includes Johnny Pohe.



My Super Power Poem

My Super Power Poem

My Love to swim, My lessons I grin

My batting so fast, My cricket will last

My legs that can run, My Athletics is fast

My creations of boats, My dad’s crazy Jokes

My serious mother, My wish I had brother

My good humored friends, My fun never ends

My admire for solving puzzles, 


Peter Perspective

Peter Perspective


As  me and my father leave our house, I see crumbled buildings with blood around the ground. Young kids with their parents forced to leave by solders. I hear kids crying and begging for help as their mother is filled with shrapnel. I am just terrified and scared. It feels like I’m in hell, as I look back at the pitch-black smoke I used to call home. I wonder to myself,  “why do I have to experience this war?”  I snap my head and I tell myself to think about that later, but first I must leave now.


My Treasure Box

My Treasure Box

A barrage of missiles explode near us. I run to my room and snatch my precious ukulele. As I touch it I feel priceless memories flowing through me. I remembered the first time I got it. I was grateful and super delighted. When playing it I felt comfortable and warm at the same time.. but for now I must escape.

The Adventure Of A Hair Clip (MopHead)-By Amiel

The Adventure of a Hair Clip


Welcome Awesome viewers, today me and my group wrote a little story of a hair clip trap in MopHead hair. If anybody’s wondering what’s “MopHead” it is a book by Selina Tusitala and it tells her story about having BIG hair! I’m not joking, it is true! You should scroll down, but anyway, here’s the story.

“As I drop in my, sight of the heavens turns to dim obsidian. As I move on to search for light through the disorganised maze all I found long black string in my eyes.  I’ll probably not found my way out…”


About Me-By Amiel

Hello Awesome Viewers, I’m Amiel, a short young boy who goes to the awesome school St Patrick’s. I have 2 older sisters and was born in the Philippines. With my family we mostly spent lot’s of time on my Grandma’s massive rice farm. My favourite sports are: Capture The Flag, Cricket and Basketball and for any viewer wondering my favourite food is: pizza with pepperoni, BBQ, rice with salmon and mostly any Sushi.