What is the Difference of Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation-By Amiel

What is the Difference of Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation 

As many of you guys have been to social media, you may have encounter a post that has false information. In this blog post I will you show you the 3 type of fake facts, which is Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation with meaning behind it.




Misinformation is facts that are false but it doesn’t show harm to anybody

Malinformation is the opposite of Misinformation, it is shared to cause harm, but most of the times this information can be true

Disinformation is both to cause harm and meant to be false

My Coat of Arms-By Amiel

My Coat of Arms

Few days ago, we were task to look at our current Bishop Coat of Arms and we decided to make our own one with Google drawing. My Coat of Arms represents a few different things such as:

The Hat acts as a shield, and it will shade me from upcoming danger

The Star represents the countries where I’ve been to

The laptop represents my passion

The rope that connects to my quote – badge represents what keeps me together


Micheal Joseph Savage Funeral Train-By Amiel

If you haven’t heard about Micheal Joseph Savage, he was the first New Zealand Labour prime minister which means he was the first person to introduce the labour system. Unfortunately while he was Prime Minister he died from an illness, he was put in a funeral train and was taken to Wellington-Auckland where he will be buried at Bastion point.

What Is Cataracts?-By Amiel

What Is Cataracts

Cataracts are an eye disease causing the the lens of your eye to go cloudy.  The symptoms are blurry and a loss of vision. Cataracts develop slowly and can affect one eye or both of your eyes. Sometimes you can get faded colours or double vision which is like a slight mirror of yourself. Cataracts are mostly common when your aging but it can also occur when you have trauma or radiation exposure. You can wear glasses to improve your vision but if the disease develops more you may have to have surgery to remove the cloudy lens and have it replaced with a new lens. 

Socrates-By Amiel



Socrates was a philosopher, he was born in 470 BC in Alopece. He was famous for being ‘The father of westernn philosophy’ because of his contribution and development of ancient Greek philosophy which provided support for western philosophy. He died due to a trial where he was charged for ‘Impiety’ which means disrespecting the Gods and  also accused of ‘leading the city into corruption’


Here is one of Socrates famous quotes: 

“Every action has its price.” 

In this quote it explains that every action you do has consequences.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” 

it means to be aware of peoples struggles that you don’t actually see.